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STUFF HAPPENING on my YouTube channel

2014-03-20 21:10:55 by Pepeto


So, I've made some new YouTube videos i'd like to share with you guys even though most of you are not from Finland and thereby you guys won't probably understand a thing that is written or said on these videos.

That being said, go ahead and please check these videos out! Also feel free to leave me some traditional thumbs ups / thumbs downs if you like to do so. Comments are more than welcome but subscriptions are even more apprecciated! Thank you in advance!



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2014-03-21 01:38:39

Don't do the same mistake I did and promote your YouTube channel (or other third-party websites that you have content in it) here.
I lost my right to post on the frontpage because of that.

Pepeto responds:

OH WOW, didn't know about that. Thanks for the heads-up!


2014-03-21 10:45:23

Pkmn2 - I just checked the ban list and you aren't on there, if you were able to post on FP before and can't now, it must have been something that changed with the requirements threshold at some point.

Although I will say, using the NG front page just to plug your YouTube is generally frowned upon - it's best to give people something relevant to your activity on NG and make external plugs secondary. Otherwise the news column just becomes a big social network plug zone and users glaze over it, hurting everyone.

Pepeto responds:

Hey Tom! Thanks for the info. I will keep it in my mind and won't advertise my YouTube channel on the front page again in the future :)